Repairing Echosmart DSB-791

BIG FAT WARNING: I think I should not say, if you open the receiver's case, the high voltage can kill you. You have been warned.

One day before yesterday our satellite receiver broke. If I switched on, the LED display flickered a bit then switched off and flickered again. So I decided to check what is under the cover. I removed the cover and measured the voltage between the GND and 5V on the motherboard. It changed from 0V to 5V then fallen back to 0V and so on. I thought the power supply was bad. I checked the big capacitors (1000 uF/10V) and I saw a bulging one. I replaced it with an 1000 uF/25V one and the device was able to start, but the boot process stuck. After replacing the second big capacitor the receiver worked!

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