MSP430 reset

I have issue with JTAG programming and resetting the MSP430F20xx (namely MSP430F2013). I found out that the MCU's reset does not work if Vcc rises to slow (BCL13 in the errata). Therefore the software cannot run and the device cannot be accessed through JTAG.

The reset circuit is a simple RC (47k ohm resistor + 10 nF capacitor).

If I remove the 10 nF capacitor I can program the IC (under Linux):

msp430-jtag -r
msp430-jtag --backend=mspgcc -m myprog.elf

First reset the circuit using the TI backend. Then it is able to flash using mspgcc backend.

Note: The capacitor is absolutely not needed! Only 47k ohm pull-up resistor is necessary.

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