Sometris game for Dingoo A320

I always wanted to develop some kind of game. I cloned a clone of a tetris game, which I played ~15 years ago. First I created a PIC18F6622 version of the game. Here it is:

Rules are simple: same blocks will disappear if they are in a row, a column or diagonal. At least three same blocks should be besides each other. The name could be sametris, but it is used for other games, so I've chosen sometris...

I've used sdcc to compile the sources. Interestingly the rand() function is not good for this game: same pattern is repeated. Therefore I developed my rand function.

Now I ported the game to Dingoo A320 handheld game. Porting was easy, thanks to great Dingoo SDK. This implementation of rand() is also not suitable for my game, so I created another random function.

Latest version is 1.2.1.

Brief changelog for v1.2.1:

  • Playlist can be added.
  • Records for difficulty 6 is stored properly too.

Brief changelog for v1.1.0:

  • Plays music.
  • Saves game if it is unfinished and game exits for any reason.
  • Level is increasing.
  • Records are stored, player name can be entered.

Pre-compiled binary can be downloaded here: zip, tar.gz.

Sources are on

The game was ported to Papilio One + Arcade Megawing.